You CAN Host an All-Hands Meeting Virtually

August 28, 2020

You CAN Host an All-Hands Meeting Virtually

Unless you are an alien visiting from another planet, you’ve probably noticed that the world is amidst a global pandemic. The way of life for all of earth’s inhabitants have been impacted in some way. Businesses have been especially impacted through stay-at-home orders. This has caused all businesses not deemed “essential” to close their office doors and require all employees to work from home. This was a new and fairly scary concept at first. How do you communicate with your team? How do you keep up camaraderie and unity amongst employees? And how on earth do you host an all-hands meeting?

Have no fear, it is possible and you can host an all-hands meeting virtually.
First, be sure to have a uniform program as the Mecca of your company’s communication. Here are a few good suggestions:

Microsoft Teams

This cool program has everything you could ever want in terms of communication for your team (hence the name). You can chat with other employees on individual and group levels, making brief communication and setting up meetings a breeze. It has a calendar so everyone is on the same page in terms of scheduling an all-hands meeting. Best of all, you can group video chat for your meetings.


This tried-and-true program is a must for companies wanting to host an all-hands meeting. Team managers can schedule meetings and send out a link with an e-invite with the click of a button. All employees can access the link when it’s time to go. Boom, all-hands meeting just like that.


This is another all-encompassing program that includes Gmail, documents, files, calendar, and chat. Your team will surely all be on the same page by using these features on the same platform.  This program also includes group video chatting as well as Google calendar, where you can also send out invites to the meeting. Another bonus feature is the ability to use Google Drive to share the slides and documents being reviewed during the meeting.  
See? It sounds intimidating, but it is not only possible but almost ideal to host an all-hands meeting virtually. Executives have even reported a higher sense of “togetherness” while hosting an all-hands meeting. This is because everyone is on the same playing field and using the same programs to communicate.

Pick a program, have everyone use it, and you’ll be surprised at the success you will have while hosting an all-hands meeting virtually.

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